SCP has been a long-running program and years in the making located in the heart of Steveston. This is what Parents have to say about SCP.

Testimonial from Parent of SCP

"Our daughter enrolled at Sandcastle Park before she was even two years old. Even though she could barely talk, we could tell that she was happy to be there and that she felt safe and cared for. She will soon be graduating from Sandcastle Park and we have truly felt the teachers and staff have gone above and beyond to help her thrive. They gave her all the extra support that she needed and were able to cater to her unique and individual needs. Our daughter gained knowledge and experiences beyond what we as parents could have given her during those years. As parents, we felt that Sandcastle Park provided great value for the tuition that included family events, field trips, and weekly classes like ballet and martial arts. We appreciated the thoughtfully created programs and learning activities. Week to week and month to month we saw our child grow and thrive. Most importantly, our daughter's stories each day about what she did at Sandcastle Park assured us that it was the right school for her." Thank you and all the staff again for all the work you do for the kids"

– Nicolas and Debbie

Testimonial from Parent of SCP

"When my wife and I were touring potential childcare centres, I wanted to find a centre that would feel like a second home for my daughter when I walked in. A quality outdoor space that was more natural than concrete was also a high priority for me. When my daughter started attending Sandcastle Park, my wife and I could see that the relationships forming between my daughter and the teachers were those of an extended family. Because we both work full-time, this was very important to me. I am a school teacher, and I know that the teachers at SCP share my value that the children we are responsible for should be treated with the same compassion and care as if they were our own. Because these strong relationships in my daughter’s life have been built, we look forward to trusting SCP with our daughter’s care until she is of school age."

– Kenny

Testimonial from Parent of SCP

•Awesome •Fun •Super Friendly, Fun and Engaging Staff •Safe •Creative •Clean •Fantastic learning environment •Centrally located in beautiful Steveston village - walking distance to beach, awesome parks, water park, library etc - all of which the kids get to go to. So lucky!! •Outstanding curriculum •Awesome lunches and snacks provided - no need for parent to cook!

•HEART-MELTING PHOTO & VIDEO APP!!❤️ They use an app that lets me see PRICELESS photos and videos of my child all day long. This is the highlight of my day!!

❤️ Being able to see photos and videos of my child all day long while at school is quite possibly the greatest thing in the world! I imagine it is for most parents and family members too! I don’t know any other childcare provider that uses this app. The peace of mind that this provides a parents is absolutely priceless!!

•UNPARALLELED CONNECTIONS!! Most FUN, kind, friendly, enthusiastic and empathetic teachers who POSITIVELY connect with your child. My 3.5 year old tells me everyday how much he loves his teachers!

•LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION = FUN FUN FUN!!! Outdoor adventures all year long!! Across from the beach and within walking distance to Steveston’s famous park, water park and history museums. Close to the library and martial arts studio - where the kids frequent regularly. My kid has SO MUCH FUN with Sandcastle because they provide SO MANY AWESOME activities for them every single day!! Never a dull moment!

Sandcastle provides your child with the coolest, most fun activities imaginable! The kids truly get to experience so many awesome things. This can’t be beat - anywhere! No other place will offer your child such a huge selection of super awesome activities that the kids will love!!
•OUTSTANDING LEARNING ENVIRONMENT!! I’m blown away by the level of education my 3.5 year old is receiving! I never expected him to know so much and I certainly can’t take credit for it!! Sandcastle park provides a FUN learning environment that my child is thriving in!

•ABOVE AND BEYOND!! I mean it when I say this. Sandcastle Park goes above and beyond in all areas! Everything that is important for me as a parent is provided. The attention to detail and all of the hard work that goes into running a first-class Childcare Center, doesn’t go unnoticed. From the bottom of my heart - Thank you!! ."

– Carrie & Dash