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Language Arts

Students engage in a rich array of language experiences that develop the essential pre-requisites for reading and writing. By incorporating the Montessori method and a phonics program we develop comprehension, visual and auditory differentiation skills; and foster a love for reading. A frame of both structured and unstructured activities are developed using storyboards, puppets, dramatic play, music, and children’s literature.


In our Montessori integrated math program manipulations are used to develop mathematical thinking, including counting, number and numerical recognition, and one-to-one correspondence. We use number and geometric patterning activities such as graphing and charting, games, and collections to reinforce number skills. Students develop problem-solving abilities by engaging in real life mathematical situations such as sorting and classifying objects in the classroom.

Social Studies

Students at Sandcastle Park learn about their immediate community, develop a respect for our natural environment, and become contributing members of a diverse classroom community. Children are encouraged to focus on themselves, their families, the school community and neighborhood.


Awareness and appreciation of science are developed through a focus on hands-on investigations. Students observe, predict, sequence, analyze, and apply knowledge they have learned. Units such as oceans, the solar system, seasons, insects, and sinking or floating are integrated with the teachings of language arts and mathematics. 

Fine Arts

At Sandcastle Park we use a variety of media such as clay, paint, and collage to allow children to explore and develop an appreciation for artistic expression. Drama and pretend play will also be integrated for the development of imagination and positive self-esteem. Emphasis is placed on exploration and creativity.

International Languages

Our Junior Kindergarteners are introduced to basic speaking and comprehension in other international languages. By singing and role playing, they learn to follow basic directions and commands using simple, everyday words relating to their surroundings.

Outdoor Play

This time is reserved for free play; a time for children to socialize and to develop their gross motor skills by running, climbing, cycling, and exploring our child-centered playground. Alternatively the outdoor area is a great platform for learning to take turns.



Weekly dance classes at Sandcastle Park are designed to foster self-confidence and improve body awareness while emphasizing motor and coordination skill development. Classes focus on proper stretching, rhythm, muscle tone, and enjoyment of dance. The classes are led by Miss Gabriella who is originally from Mexico City. Miss Gabriella holds a degree in Ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance and performed with Academia de Balle de Coyoacan.

Physical Education

The primary objective of Sandcastle Park’s comprehensive Physical Education program is to teach the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. Classes draw from an extensive curriculum which incorporates a variety of exercise and activities including soccer, swimming, baseball, basketball, and basics of fitness. As well, children are taught the importance of regular exercise and health & wellness matters including self-esteem, safety, hygiene, and the environment. SCP believes that setting a foundation for a lifetime of fitness habits at an early age will establish positive patterns and attitudes for lifelong health and wellness.


Research proves that early integration of music into a child’s daily routine means improving their ability to think, reason, create, and express. As the world’s leading early childhood music and movement program, Kindermusik has been enriching lives with carefully researched, developmental-based music programs. ABC Music and Me classes are specially developed for children ages 3-5 and will share with the children the joy of music and encourage discovery, creativity, and fun!


Yoga comes to life in fun and creative classes designed to stimulate children’s growing cognition. Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques teach children about self-control, mindfulness, and body awareness. The program is designed specifically for SCP with kid-friendly poses to stir the imagination, instill calm, and balance while maintaining flexibility, developing strength, stamina, and coordination to promote a mind-body connection.


Field Trips

Embarking on fun school field trips are an important integration of the program at SCP as it will be related to the contemporary topics that are taught at school.

Summer Camps

We also provide a fun activity-filled program for the summer featured in two-week camp segments. Summer camp enrollment applications will take place in the last leg of the school year.